Newell & Company - No Machines Used

Newell & Company is a small company based in Portland, Oregon specializing in hand made leather goods. We create goods strong functionally as well as visually without the use of machines.  As a result, production is most limited with only a handful of bags and small leather goods produced each year.

All leather goods are hand cut and hand assembled meaning there are no press dies created by computers used to cut out the various pieces and no machines are used to stitch together the products.  There are no computers used for designing patterns or sewing machines used for production, only hand tools and the hands used to make those tools work.  The ideal of hand made is held to the strictest measure - we don't cheat on this definition.  Hand made is made by hand.

Newell & Company goods are offered by limited number of retailers.

Please call the shop at 503.331.0366 to inquire about products from this label.