Numero 10 Handbags

Alberto Mondini (Bologna, Italy), and creator of Numero 10, is a designer and artisan directly involved with the production of his beautifully unique collection of leather bags.  Alberto has worked with leather and in the world of fashion world for more than 40 years which has culminated in his current passion, Numero 10. 

His dedication and his passion for leather is the consequence of an honored and faithful tradition that has fulfilled Alberto’s life over generations of family involvement. His long heritage translates into handcrafted methods and techniques that go back to basics with complete Italian honesty and discipline.  

Each piece undertakes multiple artisanal steps being manufactured, washed and dyed by hand, as it was done by ancient Tuscan leather craftsmen.  Alberto has worked hard developing breakthrough pieces, state-of-the-art items with “out-of-the-box” design and outstanding capacity to be functional.