Il Bisonte

Il Bisonte combines aesthetics and functionality with beautiful materials being a priority.  Each stage of production is carried out by expert artisans being the best expression of Tuscan handicraft skills. Qualified eyes and hands carefully check each final Il Bisonte creation, always referring to an essential standard of high quality.

Thanks to vegetable tanning, a traditional process handed down through the ages from tuscan tanning experts, the vacchetta cowhide is the preferred material of Il Bisonte.  Tannin, the active natural ingredient present in chestnut trees, combined lightly infused essential oils, allows the leather to become soft, resistant and acquire the classic scent of leather.  With the passing of time and depending on how the Il Bisonte object is uniquely used, each Il Bisonte product will evolve towards warmer shades, similar to a golden patina.

Wanny Di Filippo, founder and designer of Il Bisonte is the eclectic soul of brand established in the late 1960's.

Please call the shop at 503.331.0366 to inquire about products from this label.