extreme cashmere

extreme cashmere is an Amsterdam based brand working to create the ultimate cashmere wardrobe focusing on highest quality cashmere. The company is small and likes to work slightly out of the box.  They don’t do collections, don’t do seasons, don’t do genders, and don’t do sizes. Their aim is to create garments, designed to be used and loved for a long time, meant for everybody and every body. Reinvented classic styles in surprising colors and shapes are created and suited for all seasons and all occasions, unisex, unisize and made to last.

extreme cashmere is a small, creative and ambitious team of both young talent and people with a lot of expertise in designing and producing cashmere garments. Their goal is to make your favorite cashmere sweater - the one you reach for every chance possible. Durability, resourcefulness and sustainability is of great importance. extreme cashmere only uses the best quality and long-lasting cashmere. Their garments are designed and made for years to come.