FEIT believes that creating high-quality, handmade shoes from natural materials will reduce production of harmful pollutants and our dependence on petroleum and landfills, while also extending the lifespan of each pair of shoes made.

FEIT products are designed in New York and made all over the world—primarily in the United States, Italy, China and Australia. The origin depends on the product itself, the method of construction, and the location of the best craftspeople fit for the task.

At the core of Feit footwear is an original set of lasts developed in Civitanova Marche, Italy.  Soles are developed in partnership with Vibram Italy or France-based Lactae Hevea. Leathers are sourced from tanneries specializing in vegetable dyeing in the Tuscan region of Italy, and suedes are sourced from England's most prestigious dress shoe suppliers. All shoes are hand sewn in southern China, where FEIT has assembled and trained a small team of makers known for their strength and dexterity in the declining art of handmade shoes.

Please call the shop at 503.331.0366 to inquire about products from this label.